‘I cannot wait for Tuesday.’

Every week and every day, I cannot wait for Tuesday;¬†Every time we meet, it’s the happiest moment in a week.”

“RWW is one of the best memories I’ve had during my stay in the U.S., and my love for the loving, kind, and coherent family is beyond words. It may be the people I’ve met, the places we’ve visited, the things we’ve done together, or just the food we’ve tasted‚ĶEvery time I am with you, I feel secure, happy, and confident; and every time I leave, I am refreshed and reinvigorated. Thank you, my dear friends, for all the wonderful time we’ve spent together. I’m going to take with me home the sweet memory with RWW, and I promise I’ll keep the positive attitude of life I’ve learned from all of you.

I enjoy the Quabbin trip, making apple pies and pizzas, Thanksgiving sampler, coffee at Jennifer’s and Sue’s, the planetarium visit, and the Yankee auction best. And I’m wondering whether it’s a good idea to have an “international musical festival”, at which ladies from every country can share with others one or two native songs.”

-Anqi, China

'I cannot wait for Tuesday.'

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