Round the World Women

Round the World Women (RWW) is  sponsored by Amherst Town Committee for International Students.


Arriving in a foreign country can be exciting, but also unfamiliar and confusing.  Round the World Women gives international women an opportunity to get out and meet other women in similar circumstances. RWW’s weekly programs, held on Tuesday mornings during the fall and spring semester, help women to learn about the area and make connections to local people and places.  The friendships and connections made through RWW result in a valuable, supportive community like no other. Our programs and volunteers can answer many questions and offer support to ease the transition to life here in Amherst.

Women from as many as 25 countries participate, and are pleased to be able to share their cultures, customs, and food with the American women as well.  The American volunteers, while teaching about life here, feel they gain as much, or more, than they give.  They make friends from all over the world and learn about other cultures. RWW has helped more than 1000 women over the last 50 years.

Gerry Harvey has been chairwoman of Round the World Women for over 10 years. Guided by her interest in people of all cultures, she has dedicated her time and energy to this group, which includes women from 25 nations around the world.


Round the World Women receives generous administrative support from the International Programs Office at UMASS. To learn more, see  the UMASS web page here!

Nancy Condon:
International Programs Office, UMASS

Gerry Harvey:

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