Hospitality Program


The Hospitality Program matches local host families with international students attending UMASS/Amherst.  Students have the opportunity to periodically visit the home of a local family and get to know them while they’re here in Amherst. Meeting times during the school year can vary. It could be just a few times, or as often as once a month.Families are encouraged to include students in their regular activities — hiking, sports events, local festivals, movies, concerts, shopping, etc. These casual, family-like gatherings and experiences give students a chance to explore life off campus.  They also help foster positive understanding and sharing of each other’s cultures.

A small act of friendship of this kind can have a lasting effect on both the person offering hospitality and the student who accepts it.

If you are interested in participating in the Hospitality Program or volunteering to host, please download the printable application form here and send it to Ruth Harms either by mail or email:  Or, if you would just like some more information,  please email Ruth at the above address. You can also fill out the Application Form Online here!.


our second year Grad student from India



two of our Australian students from a few years ago who visited the US this summer and stayed for an overnight with us.















Our Indonesian student who came as a freshman, graduated in May from UMass , and now is a grad student here and we continue to have her over too!



Our “Turkish Daughter”who was in Amherst for three year’s and is back in Turkey for a semester.











The Hospitality Program is sponsored by the Amherst Town Committee for International Students.