1. What countries do the RWW women come from?
Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Moldova, South Korea, Russia, Vietnam and others.

2. How many RWW members are there?
Every year we have a different number of members. This year we have had 60 members with about 25 attending most meetings.


3. Can I join during the year?
4. Is RWW for Amherst residents only?

Membership is not limited to Amherst residents. We do have a number of members who live in Sunderland. If women live far however, we ask them to get to a central place in Hadley or Amherst to meet with a driver. Of course if they drive themselves they can join by coming to wherever we are meeting.


5. I have a car, can I drive to the activities myself?


6. If I don’t speak English very well, can I still join?
Yes! It’s a great way to practice.


7. Can I bring my child to the meetings?
Yes, all children are welcome to our meetings. If the child is picked up with the mother then he/she needs a car seat.


8. Do I have to pay to join  RWW?
No, the program is free. Donations are always welcome.


9. Can my husband come to the meetings?
No, this is a meeting for women.


10. If it is a potluck, how much food should I bring?
You should bring a dish to feed about 6 people.


11. How long are the meetings?
From 10:00-11:30 (a littler longer if we go somewhere).


12. If I don’t drink coffee, can I still go to coffee with the drivers?
Yes, you can have tea or another drink.


13. How long can I have a volunteer driver for?
Only one year.


14. How old are the women who attend RWW?

The age ranges from 20 to 90. Most are in their 20s and 30s. Volunteers are usually older. All ages are welcome at RWW!


15. Do I have to come to every meeting?
No, you don’t. But if you have a driver and miss too many meetings, you might lose your seat.


16. If I was a member for one year, can I keep coming?
Yes, you are welcome to come as many years as you want. After one year, we cannot offer a driver for you.

 17. Do I have to be related to UMASS to join?
All women from the community are welcome to join RWW.

 18. Who sponsors RWW?
The Amherst Town Committee for International Students sponsors RWW through private donations. It is a local non-profit organization.





1. How many volunteers are there?

Currently we have 36 volunteers serving in different roles. About 15 drive regularly.


2. What does a volunteer have to do?
A volunteer drives women to and from weekly activities, helps plan events, helps set up and clean up.


3. If I don’t drive, can I become a volunteer?


4. If I am a volunteer driver, do I get reimbursed for gas?
No, consider it a donation to RWW.


5. How many women do I have to drive?
As many as you can accommodate.


6. If I live in Amherst, will I have to drive a woman from Sunderland?
We try to match drivers and members based on how close they live.


7. What if I can’t drive on a particular day/days?
No problem, try to give us advance notice and we will find another driver to drive your passengers to the activity.


8. Do I have to host “coffee with the drivers”?
No, not all drivers have to host. We ask for volunteers who usually host up to 10 women.


9. If I host “coffee with the drivers”, do I have to prepare everything myself?

No, the other volunteer drivers who will come to your house can also bring food.