Welcome to Amherst, MA


The Amherst Town Committee for International Students (ATCIS) serves as a link between the international students and the community with 3 principal programs.


ROUND THE WORLD WOMEN provides important help to international women who are usually graduate students, visiting scholars, or here with their husbands or partners. RWW seeks to support women as they adjust to living in the United States through programming that introduces a variety of American customs and places of local interest.


THE HOSPITALITY PROGRAM matches local host families with visiting students, both women and men. Here Students have the opportunity to visit the home of a local family and get to know them during their time here in Amherst.


THE WELCOME RECEPTION FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS takes place during student orientation in late August. Together with the International Programs Office at UMASS/Amherst, this ATCIS-sponsored program offers a guided bus tour of UMASS and the town of Amherst followed by refreshments and a warm welcome from the community.

ATCIS is not part of the town of Amherst government. It is a private organization.