Program Year 2012 – 2013


Round the World Women had 96 international women on our 2012-13 rosters from 29 countries. Average attendance at programs was about 50 international women. This is an increase of 20 over last year. We enjoyed several young children and five of our members delivered babies this year. RWW hosted apple pie making in the fall and 2 other cooking sessions in the spring. International women enjoyed the chance to cook together and share their cultures. The attendance was at least 65 women in the spring. Over the last few years the number of ESL classes and other assistance has increased. Patchanee Malikhao has produced a series of interviews about RWW on Amherst Media. We believe this will be a benefit to the community and the program. After airing, the interviews are available on YouTube! Videos can also be seen Here! In the photo above: new arrivals to Amherst take a tour of the Jones Library in Amherst Center.

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